Why should I purchase renters insurance?

December 4, 2007

Even though you may not own the building in which you live, you still have personal property as well as possible liability exposures that need to be protected. Your landlord’s insurance coverage protects his property from loss, but it does not cover your property.

In the event of a loss, could you afford to replace your personal property? If someone were injured at your residence due to your negligence, would you be able to pay for the expenses resulting from the injury? This is where renters insurance comes in. (Courtesy Virginia Bureau of Insurance)

Talk to us about renters coverage in Chico California. It costs less than you think to protect your valubale posessions!


Identity Theft – Email Scams

October 23, 2007

You get them every day… emails that look official, asking you to “click here” and login to your account. Don’t do it. Legitimate corporations NEVER ask you to do this. They may send you email that informs you of things you need to know. But they will never provide a link from the email directly into a login page. Instead, they will ask you to go to a browser and visit their website directly from the Internet, not by clicking on a link in an email.

The article shown below comes from http://www.privacyrights.org and contains helpful information:

Beware of spam (unsolicited e-mail messages) that asks for your SSN  or other personal information. Many people receive e-mail messages that appear to be from their Internet Service Provider, (for example AOL or Yahoo), from a government agency like the Internal Revenue Service, from a bank, Amazon, eBay, or PayPal. The message typically  says that the company or agency is updating its records or has detected fraudulent activity with your account and needs personal information from you, such as your Social Security number, account number, password, mother’s maiden name, and so on. It may direct you to an official-looking Web site through a link contained in the message.

Do not respond to such messages! These are called “phishing” scams. Although they appear to be legitimate, these messages and Web sites are scams to get your personal information. No reputable company or government agency sends e-mail messages asking for sensitive personal data. For more information, visit the following Web site: http://www.lookstoogoodtobetrue.com.

Earthquake Insurance – Do you need it?

October 13, 2007

Many people assume their residential insurance policy fully protects them, but if you look at a typical policy, you will see it does not cover earthquake loss. And government disaster-relief programs are extremely limited—they are designed to help you get partly back on your feet, but not to replace your home and everything you lose. So if an earthquake strikes tomorrow, will you have the financial resources to pay for earthquake damage to your home and its contents? For more information, call us, or visit us at hfiservices.com. This article is courtesy the California Earthquake Authority.

Are you prepared for college?

October 13, 2007

Getting ready to send your kid off to college? We all know the usual checklist… socks, underwear, new shoes and a haircut. But what about insurance? Coverage can vary widely from state to state. You need a local agent in Chico California to help.

Does your family scholar have a laptop? Is it covered? What about a stereo and headphones, or an IPod? You should consider the following:

  • The number one crime on college campuses is theft.
  • Your young adult may own more stuff than you realize.
  • You may not have a list of what to report to the insurance company if there is a loss.
  • Many items are not covered automatically under your homeowner’s policy, or there may be limits in coverage. Items such as jewelry, laptops, and some other electronics may not automatically be covered in full.

Claims are handled more quickly when there is an inventory of your young person’s personal property, and especially when there is photo documentation.